Text Analytics For Excel Spreadsheets

Text analytics for NPS scoring surveys in excel spreadsheets

When you run your NPS survey, do you also ask open-ended questions about it? Do you have time to read all the responses and summarise them?

Text Analytics For Excel Spreadsheets (TAFES) is a magically smart, simple and easy to use program with one of the best prices on the market. TAFES reads free-form question text from NPS surveys, and finds the key themes associated with being a detractor, promoter or being neutral. It breaks the feedback down into content that will be interesting to HR, to operations, to marketing and to other managerial groups. It creates a MS-Word document with key summary themes, the importance of those themes and examples from surveys of when people have raised those themes.

From the developer, Greg Baker: "I wrote this software as part of my PhD studies in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, so please support a postgrad student on their journey!"

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